Thursday, September 23, 2010

Please Pray for Megan!

My wonderful, amazing, beautiful sister has been diagnosed with Leukemia and needs prayers! She recently had her bone marrow transplant but is in the ICU because her heart is weak and she was having a hard time breathing. They need all the prayers going their way! Her husband Ryan is absolutely amazing, he is such a positive, caring, strength for her, but he needs prayers too! I love them so much, please pray. If you would like to follow and keep up with her story you can go to

Sunday, September 19, 2010

A new beginning, a new family!

So we've been debating on starting a blog or not to start a blog. Brenden is at work and I decided to start a blog because I love being able to go to Nate and Lisa's blog and also Meg and Ryan's blog and being able to see what their families are up. It will take awhile to get the hang of making it look awesome but we will do our best.